Far into the future, a virus has long since wiped out most of the human population. From there, humankind had to worry about two things: regaining the previous population numbers, and dealing with loneliness.

The latter could be solved easily! Humans began to mass produce all kinds of robots to live alongside them, serving as workers, friends, and companions. However, that only lasted for so long... As the population grew steadily over time, robots became, admittedly, less needed by humans. And so, robots live and function independently from humans, in outside districts. There, they do the work that humans are either too lazy, or simply unable, to do.

The city of Anthurium is an entirely robot-populated environment, that has decided to become integrated for the first time in several years, and allow young humans to move in for purposes such as population expansion. Everything is all well and good, until a young robot named Kenji experiences love at first sight with a human girl... Now, he has to challenge the status quo, all those nasty stereotypes, and the metaphorical boundaries set between humans and robots, in order to earn her love. Only one question remains; is he willing?

Heart:Sensory updates every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and it is written and drawn by Rosedye. You can follow her art on her tumblr, or email her at foumiedai@gmail.com!