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April 8th, 2015, 5:57 pm

page issues + tapastic!!

it seems like some of the pages ive uploaded in the past are disappearing due to 'bad image sources'? this is because those pages were so huge that i had to upload them by linking them from a private tumblr blog i keep them on u_u so i guess, every now and then the url of the pages will change and cause the page to disappear, which sucks
this might be a reoccurring problem here, but im working to fix it u_u i think every month or so ill run through my comic to see which pages have gone missing and just reupload them--- if any pages arent working, please do let me know! your comments mean a lot
in the meantime, the webcomic also updates every thursday on my tapastic; i think its really good that i upload it there, because if i gain enough fans there, ill soon become supportable, meaning ill be able to earn money off of my comics! so, besides the fact that tapastic is another place to get your h:s fix if an update wont show up, i also encourage peeps to support me there cuz, well, it really, really would help me!!
again, thanks for reading, and please continue to enjoy this strange, adorable story u_u <333

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